orchestraThe American Prize in Arts Marketing, 2016

The American Prize in Arts Marketing recognizes and rewards the best marketing campaigns by performing arts organizations in America, based on submitted applications from professional or community groups.

The American Prize is more than monetary. Semi-finalists, finalists and winners are announced to national arts media and on our websites, where winners are profiled. Semi-finalists, finalists and winners earn the right to use The American Prize logo and official seal on printed programs and other documents, and on the web.

SEMI-FINALISTS: All semi-finalists receive official certificates. In the Arts Marketing contest both the individual making the application and the organization will receive certificates
FINALISTS: All finalists receive certificates and written, unbiased evaluations from our distinguished national panel of judges.
RUNNERS-UP: Runners-up receive certificates, written evaluations and personalized press releases sent by us to local media and other contacts you provide as part of your application.
WINNERS: A single winner in each category and/or division is selected. Winners receive certificates, written evaluations, personalized press releases and cash prizes up to $500, depending on the year, the category and the number of entrants.

The judges reserve the right to award citations and honorable mentions as warranted, and to combine categories when necessary. The decision of the judges is final.

To see how previous laureates of The American Prize have used their placement in the competitions to build their organizations or promote their careers, please visit



DEADLINE for postmark or emailing of application(s): Tuesday, May 17, 2016. There is no need to email in advance.

The American Prize in Arts Marketing recognizes and rewards arts administrators in America who, in the opinion of the judges, have created the most effective marketing campaigns for their organizations during the past year in the United States. Applications are accepted from any performing arts organization that markets its performances to the paying public outside of a purely academic setting, including orchestras, choruses, bands, theater, opera and dance companies. Multiple prizes may be awarded depending on the number and quality of entries. You may make separate application in as many categories as you are eligible, and may apply additionally for the organization or its arts leadership, as applicable, in the areas of Conducting, Stage Directing and/or Ensemble Performance. (See separate competition listings.)

The two broad categories for the Arts Marketing Award are:
    1. professional performing arts organization (all performers are paid)
    2. community performing arts organization (some performers may be paid/some may be students)

The competitions of The American Prize are open to all U.S. citizens, whether living in this country or abroad, and to others currently living, working and/or studying in the United States of America, its protectorates and territories. All application fees must be remitted in U.S. funds.


Every applicant must send certain required information by email.

Applicants can then complete their application either of two ways:


A. ONLINE ONLY: pay fees online, submit the downloaded application as a PDF file, along with the required emailed information (see application form), and include PDFs of marketing materials, campaigns and/or philosophy and online links to any broadcast materials. (Application forms for The American Prize can be filled out on computer, saved and emailed by using Adobe Reader 11. Download it free here.)

B. BY MAIL & EMAIL: mail the completed, downloaded application form, send hard copies of marketing materials, campaigns and/or philosophy, send discs of any broadcast materials to the office, and email the required information (see application form); paying fees online, or by check, by money order or credit card.


    1. Download the application form for The American Prize in Arts Marketing. Select the category which best identifies the applicant.
    2. MAIL the completed application form by the deadline date or EMAIL it as a PDF attachment with your required email.

    3. If completing the application ONLINE, provide marketing materials as PDFs and include links to broadcast materials in your required email (see application form.)
Be sure to identify any links by applicant and provide any passwords necessary, so judges can easily access your audition. Links must remain active until the end of the year or until results in the category are officially announced. PLEASE NOTE: The responsibility for the viability of links rests with the contestant. Please double-check that they work correctly.

    4. If providing audition selections BY MAIL, include two collated hard copies of marketing materials and two identical discs of broadcast materials clearly idenitifed on both the recording itself and on the recording's cover or box. Be sure it lists applicant's name.
    5. Be sure to sign the form and pay the application fee. Pay ONLINE (click "FEES/GIFTS" in the menu bar, above), or send check, money order or credit card information by mail.
    6. Be sure to email the required information (see application form.)

The application fee is $55 per application. Pay ONLINE (click "FEES/GIFTS" in the menu bar, above), pay by credit card, or make checks payable to HCMT/The American Prize. Application fees are nonrefundable. No incomplete applications will be accepted. When paying online, BE SURE to identify the applicant with the payment.

The American Prize in Arts Marketing: Send as PDFs or as hard copies marketing materials from your campaign, including, but not limited to, tear sheets, print ads, broadcast scripts, brochures, programs, media advertisements, links or print-outs of website or blog pages related to the activity, links or dvd recordings of any television, film, internet or radio spots from the campaign. Please include any in-house materials created for staff or volunteers, as well as information concerning the campaign's success. Campaigns may focus on an entire season of performances or on a specific event. For the 2016 contest, materials may be submitted for any campaign that occurred during the five years encompassed in the seasons 2010-2011 through 2014-2015.

The winner(s) will not necessarily be those that were the most extensive or cost the most money. The judges seek evidence

of campaigns that combined inspiration and creativity with demonstrable success, regardless of the budget available. We welcome statements from administrators that outline challenges the campaign sought to address, goals to be met, assessment procedures used, and analysis of success, as available. There are no other restrictions. No materials will be returned.


SEND required email to: theamericanprz@aol.com
alternate email: theamericanprize@gmail.com

TIMELINE for this competition:
Final deadline for postmark or emailing applications: Tuesday, May 17, 2016. Applications will be acknowledged by email following that date.

In general, the entire competition process is completed before the end of the calendar year. Semi-finalists are announced in the summer, finalists in the fall, followed by winners—after which all certificates, evaluations and prizes are mailed. Specific dates for the announcement of each stage of the competition are posted in regular updates to our blog and facebook pages. Find those links on the homepage of this website.